Booth spaces will be assigned as soon as the
Corn Festival Committee approves your vendor application. Confirmation packets will be
mailed to you shortly after application approval. If you have provided an email address your confirmation packet will be sent to you electronically. You can pick up your parking passes and wristbands at check-in from vendor hospitality personnel. If you need your wristbands earlier, please give us a call.
Tier 2 & 3 are the two vending areas on the Festival grounds. Please use the enclosed map to choose your vendor space.
Vendors are required to keep their booth area free of trash, paper or refuse of any kind and must leave the area clean after the event is over.
Every vendor will receive a complimentary on-site parking pass with their confirmation packet. Additional parking passes are available in advance for $50 each. This is for vehicles that need to be parked on-site during the event. If you need additional support vehicles on the grounds during set-up times only, a temporary parking pass will be issued in your name at no charge. If the support vehicle is not off the grounds by 8:00 am, you are responsible for paying the additional vehicle parking pass fee of $50. This fee must be paid
before you will be allowed to begin selling your products. After the $50 fee has been paid, the vehicle must remain on the grounds until vendor breakdown.
Most vendors will be able to park one vehicle behind their vendor space. If space is not available directly behind your booth, additional parking is a short distance away.
No vehicles will be allowed to enter or exit the Festival grounds after the gates are opened to the public.
All accepted vendors will receive two general admission
wristbands in their confirmation packet. Everyone working in your booth must wear a general admission wristband. Additional wristbands are available for purchase. We strongly encourage purchasing these in advance (see vendor application form). Wristbands may also be purchased at the vendor check-in during set up.
Festival staff will make every effort to insure that a diverse selection of food items and merchandise are available to attendees. However, the Festival offers no guarantee to exclusivity to any vendor.
The vendor assumes all responsibility for property left at the site. All property taken into the Festival grounds by the vendor is done so at the vendor’s own risk. The Festival
shall not be responsible for any loss due to damage from fire, theft, windstorm or any other cause whatsoever. Nor does the Festival take responsibility for actions on vendor’s part that results in officers of the law or any government agency seizing property or stopping or
preventing the vendor from operating.
The vendor agrees to release, defend, indemnify and save the Olathe
Sweet Corn Festival and the Town of Olathe from and against any and all loss, cost, expense and claims for damage and injury, including
death to persons or damage to property resulting
from acts or omissions by the vendor, its agents or employees. By signing the enclosed application form, the vendor understands and agrees to the rules and regulations stipulated
Rocky Mountain Ice will be at the Festival. You may purchase ice from them and they will deliver to your booth during the event.
Absolutely no pets are allowed on the Festival grounds.
We need all non-profits to report their booth profits so that we can
communicate with our sponsors. This will help us to get more sponsors for next year.
Once your organization has been approved to attend the festival, we ask that
you advertise your presence at the festival through various social media outlets for, a minimum, two weeks before the festival. This includes, but is not limited to: Facebook, Twitter,
company website.
The Olathe Sweet Corn Festival reserves the right to cancel
this agreement at any time for cause.